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Years of Experience

Our growing law firm is proud of having very reliable, experienced and resourceful professionals with decades of seasoned legal practice

Defining Success

We employ bespoke legal approaches to provide you the best legal solutions that you require to meet your goals. We deliver timeously.

Our Practice Areas

Civil Law Litigation

In any non-criminal legal dispute, we are always at hand to represent any parties of either the plaintiffs or the defendants, where cases are presented at a trial when seeking compensation or other damages. Our mastery of the legal arts put us at competitive edges. We are always winning.

Criminal Law Litigation

Through proactive, efficient and purposeful approaches, we deploy the best legal soutions in representing our clients in non-criminal cases.

Corporate Law

In matters of corporate interests, we work with you to achieve your dream goals, especially in this competitive world. We represent you to make your corporate existence easier and support to thrive your business life.

Data Privacy Law

Since personal data transformed into becoming the new gold mine because of its immeasurable values to business prosperity. We guide and defends our clients' interest in data privacy compliance and litigation.

Digital Tech Law

Digitalisation has taken over the service and production industries and doing these successfully depend on effective regulatory compliance. We put our clients first by ensuring that we peovide bespoke business solutions in timely fashion.

Educational Law

We provide outstanding services in educational laws. We cater for the rights of students. We are repute for supporting students to find admission placements in foreign educational institutions, from Post primary to University Masters as well as PhD, especially UK, USA, Europe, and Canada.

Family Law

Our seasoned family solicitors with wide deep practice experience in different areas of the family law matters are always at hand to solve issues. Providing virile solutions put our name in gold ink.

Immigration Law

With scores of working experience in immigration law, our clients trust us with their immigration matters, ranging from applications to appeals, administrative reviews and restitutions. With our highly experienced immigration solicitors, we have great and remarkable history in the UK, USA, Canandian and EU immigration.

International Law

Leveraging on our expertise, we successfully close deals through working together on international matters and representing international and maultinational organisations.

Islamic Law

In matters of Islamic Personal laws (Nikkah (Marriage); Talaq (Divorce); Nafaqah (Child Maintainance); Child custody, and non-personal economic matters (Islamic Banking and Finance; Islamic Economics and Commerce; Islamic Insurance, etc.), our experienced and higly qualified experts of jurists and solicitors are always at hand in all areas of specialisation to meet your needs.

Labour Law

In all matters of employment and connected issues, we have track records to support our clients, both employees and employers.

Landlord & Tenancy Law

Our solicitors work professionally to solve landlord and tenants' matters. We are experienced in litigation as well as using ADR to solve issues and foster amicable relationship.

Medical Law

We protect our clients to receive best medical services while protecting their rights at all stages. We even facilitate medical tourisms abroad in foreign medical facilities.

Tax Law

We take pride in our depth of knowledge, understanding of (domestic and international) businesses, especially as hampered by the intricacies of taxation. We employ legal solutions without evasion to solve our private and corporate clients' taxation problems, without hassle.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

We are a firm of seasoned litigation lawyers. Expertise in various areas of legal specialities make litigation an awesome experience. Notwithstanding, we leverage on our deep professionalism to settle disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolutions mechanisms

Why Choose Our Firm

Client-focused Solutions and Results

As a law form of accomplished, distruptive and highly dynamic lawyers, WhiteHall Justice Solicitors is focused on clients’ needs in terms of exceptional legal service deliverables that provides value. We understand that, for clients, value is not a mere hourly rate comparison. Value means efficient processes for tracking and reporting; creative approaches to reducing legal risk; enhanced cost certainty; and pragmatic results.

Flexible, Value-driven Approach

In approaching each case, each team member is positioned as a case owner and must assume ownership of the clients in order to produce effective results that help our clients to become accomplished. With our team’s experience, we effectively provide clients with the attention and commitments that they expect and deserve. We strive to provide a value-driven approach to each case by communicating and strategizing with our clients to meet their needs and goals.

Beyond the Billable Hour

At WhiteHall Justice Solicitors, we believe and take pride in our unique kind of entrepreneurial legal services business model, which is distuptive and innovative. However, our services are unrestrained by the billable hour based business model. We recognize that clients place value on shifting legal fee risk to law firms. Shifting this risk to a firm often aligns the firm’s incentives with the client’s, and reduces client risk. We are mindful that some clients may be challenged by lack of financial resource needed to pursue important litigation. On this note, such clients are provided the opportunity to pursue their legitimate causes.

Bridging the Gaps of Distance

We recognise the fact that our clients stretch out across all walks of life and their demands for us is significant. Innovatively, we bridge the gaps using reliable and secure virtual interactive platforms to take instructions, hold meetings and remove the travel burdens for our esteemed clients.


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I will highly recommend patronizing this team because they make me proud. Excellent service! If I ever need a lawyer in any matter, I will always call on the team at WhiteHall Justice Solicitors.
Funmi Emmanuel
Business Manager
#WhiteHallJusticeSolicitors. Everyone in the law firm acts professionally, shares my troubles, demonstrate acute understanding of my case. They simply put me at ease. I am always satisfied at their services. If you ever needed legal service, call on the real professionals. I can highly recommend this law firm.
Ola Badmus
I was looking for help and I got more than what I ever wanted from the team of WhiteHall Justice Solicitors. The team understand the plight of the helpless and would stop at nothing to put smiles on my face. I am impressed and I recommend this firm to the world.
Kamal Salman